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The store is open. 

New tone bundles available now. 'Special Guest' featured! Don't tell me you're not curious? 

why am I doing this?

It's just music...

I'm probably on shaky ground saying that writing music for phones is artistically valid. 

That said, I have always loved the freedom that writing short pieces of music gives me, knowing that I don't need to turn them into a song. Or write lyrics. They don't need to make sense in that structured world and for me it feels like a very free, creative and rewarding process. It also gives me the freedom to explore the exciting equipment I have access to in more detail than perhaps I would do otherwise . 

Most of the material is written using modular/eurorack equipment, but I'll use anything if it does something interesting. Some of the equipment is old, most is new. All of it is in my studio because it does something interesting. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on how something was done or if you have any suggestions on what I could do better.

I'll leave you to be the judge of the results, but I'm excited by the possibilities.


Bundles, packs and formats

The tones are sold as 'bundles'. Each bundle contains a number of 'packs'. Each pack contains a 20-30 second ringtone (most will loop around without glitching) and also an alert or message tone. Each tone is published as a .wav, .aif, .mp3 and .m4r format (you get all of them). All content is written from scratch and specifically for this site. Tones are copyright free provided they are used for their intended purpose. 

I think these bundles represent good value but please let me know your thoughts on this.

iPhone Installation

Simply connect your iPhone or IOS device to iTunes and drag the .m4r files into the 'Tones' folder. Once synced the tones will be available in 'Settings' on your device.

Update: Apparently the latest update for Apple devices now uses 'Music' and not iTunes. There is a link at that takes you through the process. Remember the files in the packages are already converted to the .m4r format required. 

Android Installation

There are a number of methods to upload a ringtone on an Android phone. The simplest is to connect the phone to a computer, navigate  to the RINGTONES folder and drop the .mp3 file in there. Navigate to Settings->Sounds and associate the tone with an action.